Giclee prints on archival fine art paper.

These prints use fade-resistant ink and come with a white border around the image. Prints in fine art paper will require framing behind a glass cover to ensure long term duration. Giclee prints come in various sizes and prices.  Please contact me for pricing.

Prints on Gatorfoam or Lusterboard.

Images are inkjet-printed directly on ¼ inch thick Gatorfoam board using UV-resistant inks.  Images may also be printed on vinyl, which is applied over 1/2 or 1/4 inch thick Lusterboard. The print is subsequently laminated with a matte, clear plastic film.  Both products will last for many years as they are scratch and UV-resistant. Prints on Gatorfoam or Lusterboard do not require to be framed behind a glass cover.  Prints on these substrates come in various sizes and prices.  Please contact me for pricing.

Originals and Commissions

Contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing an original piece or in commissioning a painting. Almost all original pieces are framed and will be packaged for delivery with the utmost care.  Packaging and delivery fees are not included in the price of the original piece.  Please contact me for pricing.


Payment can be made via PayPal.  I also accept money orders or checks payable to Miguel Pabon. Contact me for payment arrangements. Once we discuss the transaction send the money order or check to:

P.O. BOX 581502
Salt Lake City, UT 84158

Please contact me if you have any question or special requests.